Cattani Disinfectant Cleaning Products for Suction Systems

  • Puli-Jet Gentle
  • Pulse Cleaner agitator buckets
  • Anti-Foaming Tablets

Puli-Jet Gentle and Pulse Cleaner

Puli-Jet Gentle and Pulse Cleaner Daily suction system maintenance starts with Puli-Jet Gentle and the Pulse Cleaner agitator

Disinfection takes just a few minutes. • Ideal for all suction systems • Commercial grade disinfectant • Dissolves blood and mucus • Removes scaling from pipes and tubing • Leaves behind an antiscaling surfactant • 1-litre bottle enough for 33 cleaning cycles • Pulse Cleaner automatically creates turbulence for optimal effectiveness  

How to Use It: 

Cattani Puli-Jet Gentle (Part Number M-060970) is used at the end of each day and also after a surgical procedure.  It is mixed in a special bucket called a Pulse Cleaner, 30 mls of solution is mixed with 2.5 litres of water and flushed through the suction hoses to the suction motor.  Its purpose is to both clean and disinfect as well as lubricate the suction system. Order in quantities of 12 x 1 litre bottles.

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Cattani Pulse Cleaner (Part Number C-040970) is a bucket that has been designed to attach the suction hoses and allow 2.5 litres of Pulijet solution to be pulse sucked through the suction system.  Order in quantities of 4 buckets

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Anti-Foaming Tablets

Prevents frothing of liquid waste in the suction system both at the dental chair solids filter and at the suction motor. 

Foam created by blood and mucus can cause problems in suction systems. An Antifoaming Disinfectant Tablet placed in the filter basket each day dramatically reduces this foam. • No more foam issues • Slow disinfectant release for long-lasting effectiveness • Prevents need for harsher, more damaging cleaning products • Pack contains 50 tablets; one per chair per day • Part Number M-040825 

How to Use It:  A tablet is placed in the dental chair solids filter where is dissolves as the liquid passes through the filter.  Order in quantitIes of boxes of 50 tablets.

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Cattani Smart Suction Weekly Maintenance Video

Watch Cattani's video explaining how to carry out simple and safe weekly maintenance on Cattani Smart Suction Systems