Servicing and Testing

Wide Range of Oral Health Equipment

We provide complete Servicing, Inspection, Testing and Certification of Dental Equipment of leading dental equipment, including:

  • Dental chair packages including Chair, Delivery and Light for A-dec, William Green, Stern Weber and Belmont equipment
  • Suction systems and compressors from Cattani, Durr and Siemens
  • Intra-oral x-rays including Kodak/Carestream, Belmont, Gendex, Acteon and Dentsply Sirona
  • Extra-oral x-rays machines including Carestream, Acteon and X-Mind Unity
  • Portable dental equipment including ultrasonic cleaners, x-ray viewers, x-ray processors, amalgamators, hand piece cleaners
  • Sterilisers covering W&H Lisa 
  • Hand pieces including NSK and W&H
  • Laboratory equipment 

We also provide:

  • Calibration and Validation of Dental Sterilisers to AS 4815 standards
  • Electrical Test and Teg Service to AS 3760
  • Safety and Compliance Testing of Intra-Oral and Extra-Oral X-Ray Equipment

Highest Standard

All servicing is performed to comprehensive manufacturer recommendations in accordance with our quality assurance procedures.  This ensures a thorough check of all functions, ensures safety and applies appropriate preventative maintenance techniques to reduce the risk of between-service failures.  Parts are identified which need to be replaced periodically to prevent failures, or based on testing and inspection for wear or damage. 

Queensland Dental Services is Quality Assured to ISO 9001 and, as part of the QA accreditation, we support a total quality management and continuous improvement approach.

Quality assurance, design for service and reliability centred maintenance knowledge is applied to all servicing and repairs as part of our continuous improvement approach.  This means that in the case of servicing we will ensure that equipment is not over serviced and unnecessary expenditure is not incurred on parts.

All servicing includes testing and tagging of medical equipment to AS 3551 as required under the Australian Standards for medical equipment.

A thirty day warranty is offered on all servicing workmanship. 

Out of Hours Servicing

QDS understands the importance of minimising surgery downtime.  We can work with you to schedule servicing to be conducted when the surgery is not scheduled for use to minimise surgery downtime and allow efficient work practice free of interruptions, or at an additional cost service out of hours. 

Records Maintained

Servicing includes creating full records of service checks and tests, parts used, test results and service labels.  These are uploaded by surgery to our web based portal for retention and analysis, in addition to providing completed work sheets.

Programmed Maintenance

Annual equipment maintenance schedules can be formulated for dental practices, prioritising day to day repair of dental equipment with a focus on both efficiency and customer service. 

Cost effective Repair Options

With our experienced team of technicians, well stocked vehicles and specialised workshop service we believe QDS are well placed to provide you with a one-stop competitive service.

Contact us for a servicing and x-ray compliance testing quote.  

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